The Top 4 Chairs That Help With Your Bad Back

chair for bad back

When you spend most of your time in an office chair it can lead to a stiff back and lumbar pain. Poor posture is a common cause of chronic back pain and other joint problems. If you hunch or sit in an uncomfortable position your muscles and ligaments can grow to be overstretched, fatigued and strained.

Sitting causes more problems for the back than standing and a lot of people spend a higher percentage of their time sitting rather than standing. Once you identify the need, it is wise to invest in the right chair that is capable of making a difference to your back health. These are some the best chairs that can really help you to overcome bad back:

1. Swivel Chair Markus


From the house of IKEA, the Markus Chair is the best in its segment to deal with back pain. It has a super high backrest to comfortably support your back, especially for those people who spent most of their time sitting.

You can adjust and lock the tilt function which allows you to completely control the angle that you sit at, depending on what’s more comfortable for you. It has a safety wheel which uses a pressure sensitive mechanism to ensure the chair remain stable when standing up and sitting down. The only reason that you may not want to buy this specific chair is that the material in the seat isn’t the most comfortable. You can bring this office chair home by paying under $200 online.

2. TOPSKY Mesh Chair


If you are suffering from back pain and your budget is low you could go for this ergonomic office chair. This is widely regarded as one of the best chairs for eliminating lower back pain, and it has a very affordable price tag, with the substance and style of a far more expensive chair.

The TOPSKY Mesh Chair has a super high back which helps to give you an ultimate level of comfort, and you can adjust the sitting position along with the adjustable lumbar cushion, headrest, and armrests.

If this chair suits your requirement you can buy this chair, for $179 or under.

3. The Valo Viper


The Valo Viper is a mid-range, mesh back chair with an optional headrest. There are 5 levels of height adjustment, moving from very low to about the mid portion of your back.

You can easily adjust the hight with a lumbar support system that provides a good amount of support to your lower back. The cushion on the lumbar region is very soft and almost covers the entire width of the backrest.

This chair comes with a long warranty and it easily lasts up to 7 years. The price tag of this chair is higher than the others though, at $466.95.

4. The Ergohuman LEM4ERG


This is the best option for many people who are suffering from lower back pain, as it has incredible lower back support that hits your back before any other part of the backrest.

The lumbar support is so great that it support your back when you lean forward. You can adjust the backrest and depth seat pan. It has a 3 position tilt lock and leather headrest where you can adjust the height and tilt of the headrest.

The chair can easily be tuned to match most customers’ wishes and needs.

This chair is a bit expensive compared to the other chairs on this list, as it costs around the $650 mark.