Contemporary Bedroom Design: Decorate Your bedroom Using Modern Style


As much time as you spend in your bedroom, it should be a space that is relaxing and reflects your personal style. If you desire a modern look, read on.

Before you begin your contemporary bedroom design, set a budget so that you can make the most impact. Decide if you want to make small and inexpensive changes or if you want to go all the way and buy new furniture. Once you have established boundaries, you can figure out the look you want.

Get inspiration

Flip through interior design magazines to get ideas. Go to your local bookstore and look for publications such as Dwell, Metropolis or Interior Design magazines. These publications focus on contemporary interiors and you will find many examples of contemporary bedrooms.

Buy a few and when you see an idea you like from a color scheme to a headboard that catches your eye – rip them out and start a folder with your ideas. Don’t copy a design entirely, but choose elements from several that reflect your personality.

Make an Impact with Color

Start with the largest surface in your bedroom: the walls. Choose a color that is relaxing rather than over-stimulating. Typically cool colors fit this description. Cool colors that look especially modern include greens, blues, and grays. An added bonus is that these colors will make the walls appear to recede, thus making the space feel larger. Also, don’t dismiss standard white – there’s nothing more modern yet classic. Just be sure to choose a pure white and not a peach-tinted one, which looks dingy.

Bring your Bed Up to Date

The next surface that has a large impact on the design of the room is the bed. A very contemporary option for a bedroom is a platform bed. Avoid ornate head and footboards or metals such as brass, which don’t look very modern usually. Go for clean lines and avoid fussy details like spindles and latticework.

If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, at least replace the comforter or duvet. Solid colors tend to look the cleanest and most modern, but don’t rule out patterns completely. If you choose to go with a pattern, make sure it is subtle. Luxurious fabrics like sateen can look more expensive than they are. If your bedroom walls are colorful, consider a simple white duvet with subtle texture. Finally, be sure to avoid cluttering up your bed with lots of throw pillows or stuffed animals. You want your bedroom to look streamlined.

Add Texture

A simple way to add interest and texture to your modern bedroom is with a rug. Sheepskin and shag rugs are trendy, inexpensive versions are available at many stores such as IKEA, Target or CB2. Not only is it nice to step onto a rug on a cold morning, it adds a lot of visual interest to the room.

Mood Lighting

Overhead lighting can be too harsh, especially if it is fluorescent. Of course, you need task lighting for reading. Try bedside table lamps with semi-opaque shades or floor lamps that reflect light onto the wall or ceiling. Choose lamps with clean lines with a base in materials such as brushed nickel or steel. Square or cylindrical shades look especially modern.

If you follow these simple tips, you will have a modern bedroom design that is both relaxing and functional. By carefully selecting wall color, textiles, and lighting, you can have a contemporary bedroom design that is both practical and inviting.